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An Administrative Genocide

The president General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz launched an operation called “population registration”, a nationwide census that has been in place since 2011.

Although this operation aims to officially give Mauritania the reliable and secure civil registration record, it has proven to be nothing more than an operation for the exclusion and banishment of the blacks. Many of them were refused the right to register as citizens and therefore became stateless in their own country.

The fact is that this “census” is nothing short of an administrative genocide.

The real intentions of the regime with this census are a resolute desire to revoke the Mauritanian nationality from the majority of Black Mauritanians living both in Mauritania and abroad. The "Don't touch my nationality movement was created in 2011 following the creation of the 2011 population census by the Mauritanian authorities which they deemed to be discriminatory against Black Mauritanians.

To this day there are thousands of Black Mauritanians that not been able to register in the Mauritanians census, which hinders them from getting official documents, and prevents them from doing simple things such traveling from one city to another in the same country.

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