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On July 27th 2022,Black Mauritanians organized two Protests in Washington DC.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

On July 27th, 2022, Black Mauritanians organized two Protests in Washington DC, in front of the Embassies of Qatar and Mauritanian. These protests were organized to denounce human rights abuse against Black Mauritanians, and ask for the end of land grabbing, race-based hiring, slavery, and a biometric genocide, among other demands to the Mauritanian government. At the embassy of Qatar, they demanded justice and accountability for the Mauritanian ex-president Maouya Ould Sidi Ahmed Taya who has been living safely in Qatar since losing power in 2005.During his reign Taya killed and deported thousands of Black Mauritanians. Among other demands Mauritanians also advocated for TPS for Mauritanians living in the US for their protection against deportations.

In the July heat Mauritanians drove to DC from Ohio, Kentucky, New York, and Tennessee to demand justice accountability, and the end of racial discrimination in Mauritania.

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